Ever wonder how the Parade of Homes “Winners” are determined?

All Parade Homes are divided into categories, according to their price. Home builders, designers and realtors from outside of the local market judge the Homes in each Category. Scores are determined by awarding points for “Exterior”, “Interior”, “Kitchen” and “Bath”.

The home that scores the highest combined points is awarded HOME OF THE YEAR for that category, and is not eligible for other individual awards. The home that scored highest in its respective category is awarded for that individual feature; thus, receiving “Best Exterior”, “Best Interior”, “Best Kitchen” or “Best Bath”.

2018 Parade Awards Sponsor

Category ONE: UP TO $245,000

BEST EXTERIOR: #22 Zehner Contracting  –  Ellington Ridge               

BEST INTERIOR:  #13 CAC Custom Homes  –  Magnolia Place              

BEST KITCHEN:   #27 Jagoe Homes  –  Cayman Ridge            

BEST BATH:    #22 Zehner Contracting  –  Ellington Ridge                                                                 

HOME OF THE YEAR: #26 Dauby Construction  – Windemere Farms


Category TWO: $269,950-$298,950

BEST EXTERIOR:       #12 GEN 3 Contracting  –  Spring Creek  

BEST INTERIOR:       #33 Reinbrecht Homes  –  Hunter’s Crossing

BEST KITCHEN:         #33 Reinbrecht Homes  –  Hunter’s Crossing          

BEST BATH:                #33 Reinbrecht Homes  –  Hunter’s Crossing             

HOME OF THE YEAR:   #18 Homes by Eagle Construction  –  Terra Vista

Category THREE: $300,000-$333,700

BEST EXTERIOR:     #16 Selective Homes by Chad and Dad –  Pine Valley

BEST INTERIOR:    #16 Selective Homes by Chad and Dad  –  Pine Valley

BEST KITCHEN:  #38 Haas Homes  –   Wolf Creek III                         

BEST BATH:    #38 Haas Homes  –  Wolf Creek III                

HOME OF THE YEAR:    #32 Haas Homes  –   Cambridge

Category FOUR: $340,000-$399,900

BEST EXTERIOR:       #4  Jagoe Homes  –    Turnberry at Berkshire       

BEST INTERIOR:         #17 Thompson Homes  –  Willow Estates

BEST KITCHEN:  #4  Jagoe Homes  –   Turnberry at Berkshire

BEST BATH:    #10 John Mattingly Homes  –  Driftwood Parke                    

HOME OF THE YEAR:     #1 CAC Custom Homes  –   Quail Crossing

Category FIVE: $478,828-$575,000

BEST EXTERIOR:        #35 Cravens Construction – Deerfield

BEST INTERIOR:        #20 Reinbrecht Homes  –  Centerra Ridge

BEST KITCHEN:         #20 Reinbrecht Homes  –  Centerra Ridge

BEST BATH:                #20 Reinbrecht Homes  –  Centerra Ridge

HOME OF THE YEAR:     #34 Dubord Homes  –  Deerfield

Category SIX: $800,000-$900,000

BEST EXTERIOR:  #14 Denton Homes  –  Bellevue

BEST INTERIOR:   #14 Denton Homes  –  Bellevue

BEST KITCHEN:    #14 Denton Homes  –  Bellevue

BEST BATH:            #14 Denton Homes  –  Bellevue 

HOME OF THE YEAR:    #9 John Mattingly Homes  –  Newburgh

Category SEVEN: $1,000,000 and UP

BEST EXTERIOR:         #15 CAC Custom Homes  –  Bellevue

BEST INTERIOR:         #15 CAC Custom Homes   –  Bellevue       

BEST KITCHEN:          #15 CAC Custom Homes   –  Bellevue

BEST BATH:                  #15 CAC Custom Homes   –  Bellevue   

HOME OF THE YEAR:    #28 Hirsch Custom Homes  –  Eagle Ridge