We welcome fans of the Parade of Homes! It is a wonderful time to visit newly built homes in our market! However, this year is different with COVID precautions and we need a little patience and understanding to enjoy the best housing show of the year. Please promote safety at Parade homes. Together, we are making a difference. So, here are guidelines for Parade visitors:

1. VIRTUAL OPTIONS: If you are sick we want you to stay home, but still be able to view the beautiful homes on parade through our Parade website Virtual Tour (see www.SIBAParadeofHomes.com). This new and exciting features are a click away – – see video tours of each home; vote for the People’s Choice Award, and contact the builder of your choice for information on building your dream home. Builders will be happy to meet with you when you’re feeling better again!

2. DISTANCING: Please be sure to plan and make your trip to Parade Homes in small groups. We recommend 4 or fewer people in your group. Whenever practical, remain 6-feet from other people. Be polite and give space when needed!

3. BUILDER INSTRUCTIONS: Inside each Parade Home be sure to follow specific instructions a builder has planned for visiting their Home. Assigned entrances, exits, and traffic paths helps with the safety for all Parade visitors.

4. SANITIZE: Our builders are taking steps each day to keep their homes tip-top clean. But we do recommend that you use wipes or sanitizer before and after visiting each Parade Home. Wearing a mask is optional, but please plan ahead and bring your own wipes or sanitizer for personal use.

5. TOUCH SURFACES: We get it! Visiting homes in person is the best value of the Parade of Homes. And while this is a great opportunity to be inside all of these marvelous homes, we hope you’ll refrain from touching surfaces, except when necessary….. see? We do get it!

6. PAUSE GREETINGS: Parade Builders are excited you are visiting their Homes, and they look forward to personal meetings with you to talk about ideas and planning your new home. And while our builders are a friendly bunch and enjoy visitors to their homes, they are putting some social greetings on-pause, like handshakes and hugs.

7. QUESTIONS: If you have questions about our Parade Guidelines, you can reach us at 812-479-6026.